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TWEAK is expressed by glial cells, induces astrocyte proliferation and increases EAE severity

Journal of Neuroimmunology, Vol. 133 (1-2) (2002) pp. 116-123
Sophie Desplat-Jégo a, Simone Varriale a, Rita Creidy a, Rafik Terra a 1 , Dominique Bernard a, Michel Khrestchatisky a, Shozo Izui b, Yves Chicheportiche c and José Boucraut a
a NICN CNRS FRE 2533, IFR Jean Roche, Université de la Méditerranée, 13 916 Marseilles Cedex 20, France
b Department of Pathology, CMU, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland
c CYGEN, 1227 Carouge, Switzerland

TWEAK is a new TNF family member with proinflammatory and proliferative effects on different cell types, mediated by the recently identified Fn14 receptor.

TWEAK expression was analyzed on mouse microglial cells and astrocytes.

Both cell types express TWEAK mRNA.

Astrocytes expressed Fn14 and proliferated in the presence of rTWEAK.

TWEAK mRNA is expressed in normal CNS and its steady state level increases in spinal cord during EAE.

Finally, EAE severity is enhanced in soluble TWEAK-overexpressing transgenic mice.

These results support the contention that TWEAK is involved in CNS inflammation.

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