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Review of glatiramer acetate mechanism in multiple sclerosis

Use of the "disease modifying" medicines is a significant success in multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment.

These ways of MS treatment were scientificantly based and proved in large well-designed randomized studies, while direct mechanisms of their action is still under investigation.

This review is discussing the mechanisms of action of glatiramer acetate (GA)--one of these medicines, modifying MS course.

Its positive clinical effects in relapsing-remitting MS were shown in large clinical studies, confirmed by MRI and supported by extension trials.

Immunomodulative effects of GA in MS and its experimental model (EAE) may be associated with induction of GA-specific cells clone, which have several positive for MS features, for example producing anti-inflammatory Th2-cytokines.

Other characteristics of these cell clones should be studied further.