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Effect of glatiramer acetate on MS lesions enhancing at different gadolinium doses

Neurology 2002;59:1429-1432
M. Rovaris, MD, M. Codella, MD, L. Moiola, MD, A. Ghezzi, MD, M. Zaffaroni, MD, G. Mancardi, MD, E. Capello, MD, F. Sardanelli, MD, G. Comi, MD and M. Filippi, MD
From the Neuroimaging Research Unit (Drs. Rovaris, Codella, and Filippi) and Clinical Trials Unit (Drs. Moiola and Comi), Department of Neuroscience, Scientific Institute and University Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan; Multiple Sclerosis Center (Drs. Ghezzi and Zaffaroni), Ospedale di Gallarate; and Department of Neurological Sciences (Drs. Mancardi, Capello, and Sardanelli), University of Genoa, Italy.

This baseline-vs-treatment study of 20 patients with relapsing-remitting MS investigated whether glatiramer acetate (GA) has a graduated effect on MS inflammatory activity, which was measured using monthly, standard, and triple dose gadolinium (Gd)-enhanced MRI.

GA significantly reduced the mean numbers of enhancing lesions/patient/month on both standard dose and triple dose scans, without interactions with the Gd dose.

GA is effective in reducing MS activity, independent of the severity of the MRI-detectable inflammatory process.

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