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In Vitro Technologies to Bring Neuralstem Neurons to the Marketplace

Monday October 28, 8:35 am ET
Source: Neuralstem, Inc.

Neuralstem, Inc., a Gaithersburg-based biopharmaceutical company, today announced the execution of an exclusive Representative and Services Agreement with In Vitro Technologies, Inc. (IVT) of Baltimore. The agreement unveils the first human neural stem cell-derived neurons available to the drug discovery industry. Under this agreement, Neuralstem will be responsible for producing, characterizing, and shipping the neurons, while IVT will be responsible for marketing, advertising, sales, and technical support of these products. The official launch of the product will take place at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting held in Orlando, Florida November 2-7, 2002.
"These are the world's only fully functional, physiologically relevant human neurons in a dish, available in unlimited, consistently reproducible quantities," said Richard Garr, President and CEO of Neuralstem. "We have spent the past several years validating their usefulness as drug discovery and research tools for the industry. As a result, they are also the most highly characterized neural cells ever made available to the industry. We believe that they will quickly become a de facto standard for all brain-related research and drug discovery. And working with the team at IVT ensures that we will be able to deliver these neurons to our research customers in an efficient manner."

"We are pleased and excited to enter into this business relationship with Neuralstem," said Paul Silber, President and CEO of IVT. "Our track record of delivering specialized products to biopharmaceutical researchers worldwide, coupled with the human neurons that Neuralstem is producing, will provide a great solution for neuroscience researchers who need access to these important new research tools."

Neuralstem Overview

Neuralstem, Inc. is a biotherapeutics company utilizing its patented human neural stem cell technology to create a comprehensive platform for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases for which there are currently no cures, including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), stroke, and head and spinal cord trauma, among others.

In Vitro Technologies Overview

In Vitro Technologies, Inc. is a privately held bioscience company specializing in providing human and animal cell-based experimental models and contract research services to the drug discovery and development community since 1990.


     Neuralstem, Inc.:
     I. Richard Garr
     President & CEO

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     President & CEO
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     Baltimore, MD 21227

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Source: Neuralstem, Inc.

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