More MS news articles for Nov 2001

Volunteers for multiple sclerosis research project

Volunteers for multiple sclerosis research project

We are running a research project funded by the MS Society to look at the immune responses to myelin that are thought to underlie the disease.  In particular, we are trying to find out whether immune responses to myelin remain the same and focused during the course of the disease, or become more diverse.  The answer to this question will be of importance in the design of new immunotherapies, since it is vital to know which immune responses to target.

We are now looking for people with MS who would be prepared to volunteer to come and give us a small sample of blood for this study.  They would not be offered any treatment, and the experiments will have no direct consequences for their own disease management - it is for the development of future treatments.

There are two groups of sufferers that we are interested in.  The first group consists of people who have been diagnosed in the past year and are not currently receiving steroids.  The second group consists of people who were diagnosed more than 10 years ago, have had more than 5 relapses and are not currently on steroids.  In either case, we are looking for people who have a diagnosis of MS that has been confirmed with lumbar puncture and/or MRI by a hospital consultant.

People who wish to volunteer would be asked to contact us (020 8383 8290 or email and then to be able to come to the Institute of Neurology at Queen's Square WC2 to give the sample of 30ml (about the size of an egg cup).  At that time they would be asked to sign a form confirming that they give their consent for this.  Unfortunately we are not able to refund travel costs.

Dr D. Altmann/S. Davies