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Local woman has endured pain, death of daughter, arson, eviction, and cancer

Reported by Tom Beres
November 27, 2001
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Around the holidays there are many hard luck cases that tug at Cleveland's heart strings.

Loriann Forsyth's story is just one of those stories. It is one, however that shows incredible courage by a woman who is confronting one heartache after another.

Loriann Forsyth has faced a lot in forty years; physical pain, trying to make her multiple sclerosis plagued muscles work and surgery for uterine cancer.

 Then there has been the emotional pain of having her eight-year old daughter Melanie die as surgeons tried to fix a defective heart.

"My grandmother told me God will never give you more than you can handle, but sometimes I wonder exactly how much am I supposed to handle?" said Forsyth.

The last month has been an unbelievable nightmare for Loriann Forsyth. It began when an arsonist torched the house where she and her teenage daughter lived. Most of their belongings were destroyed. Loriann says that they have no insurance but everyone got out alive.

"One firefighter said they never would have known I was there if they hadn't tripped over me," said Forsyth.

The Red Cross helped Loriann find another place and the county gave her money for clothes and the basics. But, when she went to South Pointe Hospital for a couple days of tests, someone broke into her new home and cleaned it out. Loriann says that they left just a few things to go under a tree for her daughter Kimberly and grandson Alexander.

"They stole all the Christmas presents we had wrapped," said Forsyth. "As far as a traditional Christmas like everybody else, we're not gonna have that but we'll have each other."

Loriann's hard luck wasn't over. When the hospital test results came back, they brought another round of crushing news. Loriann has stomach cancer. As if that wasn't enough, now now her landlords have sent papers threatening to evict her because of what she says is a possible mix-up over who's paying her rent.

"It seems like every time I seem to get two feet forward, somebody knocks me back eight or nine," she said.

Loriann can't work because of her ailments. She gets by on a small drug store of pills and shots. With all she's endured, she's still trying to bear up the only way she's known; coping and hoping.

The employees of South Pointe Hospital are pitching in to help Loriann with their holiday "Adopt a Family" program.

If you want to help, a special fund has been set up at Key Bank. You can mail or drop off a donation to the "Loriann Forsyth Fund" at any Key Bank branch.

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