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Miss NYS visits Oneida

November 26, 2001
By:CLIFF DROUGHT, Dispatch Staff Writer

ONEIDA -- One little boy at the Tri-Valley YMCA in Oneida Friday told visitors exactly what he thinks Miss New York State does.

"She visits planets," he said as he looked up at Andrea Plummer, a former Miss New York City who currently holds the title of Miss New York State.

Actually, Plummer hasn't been on any planetary tours.

But she has been traveling throughout the state talking about multiple sclerosis.

Friday, she discussed the disease with a group in Utica before visiting children in Oneida.

"We invited her to see how great our school-age childhood program is," said Hank Leo, executive diector of the YMCA. "The kids kind of took to her quickly."

Plummer spent more than an hour in the afternoon with the children talking about school and what the children want to do when they grow up.

Plummer is currently a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Her career ambition is to become a primary care physician.

"They're very inquisitive and I think that's wonderful," said Plummer, holding a necklace she made with the chidlren earlier. "We've been talking and doing arts and crafts. I think creativity is wonderful for kids."

Plummer called her usual discussions about multiple sclerosis part of her platform since earning the title. The disease, she said, exists in her family.

"A lot of people I run into in New York know someone with multiple sclerosis but don't know much about the disease," Plummer explained."First I tell them things that will help them understand the disease and then I tell them different ways they can help out."

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