More MS news articles for Nov 2001

To treat or not to treat the person with clinical multiple sclerosis - a dilemma

Neurological Sciences
Abstract Volume 22 Issue 2 (2001) pp 205-207
A. D. Sadovnick
Departments of Medical Genetics and Medicine (Neurology), University of British Columbia, G920, Detwiller Pavilion, VHHSC-UBC, 2211 Wesbrook Mall, V6T 2B5 Vancouver, BC, Canada


Disease-modifying therapies for MS are believed to reduce the exacerbation frequency and thus perhaps improve a patient's "quality of life".

Increasingly, such therapies are being offered to young persons with relatively mild or very early disease.

Concerns about whom to treat, based on knowledge about the role of genetics on "MS risk" and the possible teratogenic effects of disease-modifying treatments on a developing fetus, are discussed.

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