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Transcallosal bands: A sign of neuronal tract degeneration in early MS?

Neurology 2001;57:1888-1890
Jack H. Simon, MD PhD;, Lawrence Jacobs, MD and R. Philip Kinkel, MD
From the Department of Radiology–Neuroradiology (Dr. Simon), University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver; Department of Neurology (Dr. Jacobs), Buffalo General Hospital, NY; and Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Dr. Kinkel), OH.

Brief Communications

A pattern of injury observed in patients at high risk for MS described as transcallosal bands (TCB) is hypothesized to be the result of neuronal tract degeneration in earliest MS, extending from typical acute, focal demyelinating lesions located along the lateral borders of the corpus callosum.

The TCB, a T2-hyperintense lesion traversing the corpus callosum is recognized on 3-mm thick, T2-weighted imaging, develops over months and persists over years.

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