More MS news articles for Nov 2001

Serological differences in monozygotic twin pairs discordant for multiple sclerosis

Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 104 (5), 262-265
M. Bergkvist and M. Sandberg-Wollheim

Department of Neurology, University Hospital, S-22185 Lund, Sweden


The etiology of MS is unknown but genetic factors are supported by a high concordance in twins. Geographic distribution and migration studies indicate, however, the importance of environmental factors.

Material and methods

We studied 3 pairs of genetically identical twins who had shared the same environment but were discordant for MS. Serum samples were assayed for antibodies against 21 viruses, 4 bacteria and Toxoplasma gondii.

Results and conclusion

No common factor present only in the affected twins was identified but differences were found in serum titers against some neurotropic microorganisms. In general the serum titers were strikingly similar in the twins, indicating no major disturbances of the humoral immune system in MS.

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