More MS news articles for Nov 2001

New system allows MS patients to operate machines

Wednesday, 14 November 2001

A new machine launched at the 74th Congress of the German Society of Neurology in Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany, uses a system to help patients with Multiple Scleroris (MS) operate machines by using gestures or touching a screen.

The system is based on the Virtual Touchscreen Technology (SIVIT) developed by Siemens.

The different commands are projected on a screen placed in front of the patient. By pointing on the screen or by making gestures, the patient transmits his/her instructions to the computer.

Any kind of user interface can be projected on to the screen - from the simplest keyboard to the most complex multimedia user interface. The virtual touchscreen, therefore, lends itself to operating all kinds of machines.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammation of the nervous system which usually starts in young adults. There are 120,000 MS patients in Germany. The symptoms of the disease include impaired vision and motor coordination. MS patients are often limited in their ability to use conventional computer systems.

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