More MS news articles for Nov 2001

Depression in MS: Does uncertainty play a role?

25 November 2001

A major aspect for many people with MS is the unpredictability of their condition. This study has been performed to test whether the uncertainty is a cause of depression rather than the symptoms of MS itself.

166 people were involved in the study, with either relapsing-remitting or secondary progressive MS. They were assessed for their level of disability, and asked about their medical history, their current symptoms and how they cope with life with MS.

The study showed that the uncertainty of MS was the key factor in causing depression and that worsening of MS symptoms increased people’s feelings of uncertainty. The study concluded that health professionals need to be more aware of the importance of recognising periods of increased uncertainty in their patients, and need to provide more support at this time.

This study was reported in Multiple Sclerosis Oct 2001, vol 7, pages 237-242.