Multiple Sclerosis News for November 2001

30th Nov 2001        Viagra Stroke Association

30th Nov 2001        UCSD To Conduct Med MJ Research

30th Nov 2001        Nasal IFN-B Phase I Clinical Trial

30th Nov 2001        Opinion On Med MJ

30th Nov 2001        EU Rejects Human Cloning Ban

30th Nov 2001        Opinions On Edinburgh's Cannabis Cafe

30th Nov 2001        NMSS/Summary Of Research Progress 2001

30th Nov 2001        NMSS On Osteopontin Study

30th Nov 2001        Restless Leg Syndrome

30th Nov 2001        Miss NY Talks About MS

30th Nov 2001        So You Think You've Had It Rough

30th Nov 2001        Medline: IFN-B In SPMS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Surgical Therapy For Tremor In MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Sample Sizes In MS Drug Trials

30th Nov 2001        Medline: MS Associated With Anti-TNF Therapy

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Transcallosal Bands Degeneration In Early MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: High MS Incidence In Sicily

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Potassium Channel Blockers/T-Cells

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Modulating T-Cell Potassium Conductance In EAE Rats

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Cytapheresis Treatments For AI Diseases

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Depression, Fatigue, Disability And Quality Of Life In MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Ways Of Evaluating MS Treatment Effects

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Cardiovascular Autonomic Dysregulation And Fatigue In MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Oral Inosine Therapy/Nitrous Oxide

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Physical, Psychological And Functional Treatments For MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Surgery For Spinal Cord Compression In MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: SPG4 Gene Association With MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: MS In Sibling Pairs

30th Nov 2001        Medline: MRI Analysis Of Familial And Sporadic MS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: GPs Prescribing For PwMS

30th Nov 2001        Medline: Multiprotocol MR Image Segmentation In MS

28th Nov 2001        Angiotech Extends Phase II Study

28th Nov 2001        Genes/MS Susceptibility And Progression

28th Nov 2001        More On Genes For MS Susceptibility And Progression

28th Nov 2001        More On Osteopontin Gene

28th Nov 2001        US Debate Over Cloning

28th Nov 2001        UK Doctors On Cloning

28th Nov 2001        Opinion On Therapeutic Cloning

28th Nov 2001        Canada To Ban Human Cloning

28th Nov 2001        EU Parliament To Debate Stem Cell Research

28th Nov 2001        UK MS Soc Current Research

28th Nov 2001        Hippotherapy Program To Be Cut

28th Nov 2001        Neuro Finding Homes For PwMS

28th Nov 2001        Portrait Of British Med MJ Campaigner

28th Nov 2001        West Wing Depiction Of MS Unrealistic

28th Nov 2001        Medline: Osteopontin/Autoimmune Demyelinating Disease

28th Nov 2001        Medline: Prognosis/TNF-R/IFN-B

28th Nov 2001        Medline: Optic Neuritis In Asians

28th Nov 2001        Medline: Prevalence Of MS In Hungary

28th Nov 2001        SFN 2001: New Windows Into The Brain

28th Nov 2001        SFN 2001: Glial Cells Build The Brain

28th Nov 2001        SFN 2001: Donor Brain Stem Cells

28th Nov 2001        SFN 2001: Spinal Cell Transplants/ALS

28th Nov 2001        Walking 1350 Miles for MS

26th Nov 2001        The Expert Patient

25th Nov 2001        MRI Frequency/PPMS

25th Nov 2001        Med MJ/Prescribing Risks For Doctors

25th Nov 2001        Australian Researchers Searching For MS Genes

25th Nov 2001        More On UCSF Gene Research

25th Nov 2001        Even More On UCSF Gene Research

25th Nov 2001        Singer w/MS

25th Nov 2001        UK: NICE Patient Panel

25th Nov 2001        Crusade Against Med MJ

25th Nov 2001        Med MJ/Detroit

25th Nov 2001        Paralysed Skills/Driving Ability

25th Nov 2001        Human Embryo Cloned in US

25th Nov 2001        Depression And Uncertainty In MS

25th Nov 2001        MS Cause And Cure Foundation

25th Nov 2001        Columnist/Assisted Suicide/Oregon

25th Nov 2001        Medical Supplies/Airport Security

25th Nov 2001        Medline: Lck Inhibitors/Autoimmune Disease

25th Nov 2001        Medline: Autologous Stem Cell Transplant/PPMS

25th Nov 2001        Medline: HHV8 In PwMS

25th Nov 2001        Medline: Thyroid Function/Antibodies/IFN-B/MS

25th Nov 2001        Medline: Molecular Physiology Of BBB

25th Nov 2001        PWMS/State's Top Superintendent

25th Nov 2001        PWMS/Giving Up Battle Was A Blessing

25th Nov 2001        Medical Journals/Pharmaceutical Industry

25th Nov 2001        Autoimmune Disorders/Hormones

22th Nov 2001        UK: MS Immune Research Study Seeks Participants

22th Nov 2001        Canada: Teriflunomide In MS Clinical Trial Seeks Participants

22th Nov 2001        UCSF/Mapping MS Susceptibility Gene

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Duke University/Mapping MS Susceptibility Genes

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Holland/Mapping MS Susceptibility Gene

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Anti-IFN-Gamma Monoclonal Antibodies

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Nitrate Levels In RRMS And SPMS

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Introducing Regulatory T-cells Into EAE Mice

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Memory T-Cells/PLP

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Vaccination Of Experimental Autoimmune Neuritis

22th Nov 2001        Medline: Blocking T-Cell Potassium Channels In EAE

22th Nov 2001        Medline: IFN-B Aids Axonal Metabolic Recovery

22th Nov 2001        More On Bupropion For Neuropathic Pain

22th Nov 2001        Endogenous Cannabinoids For MS

22th Nov 2001        Canada: Disability Bill Rushed

22th Nov 2001        Block On Oregon Assisted Suicide Ban Extended

22th Nov 2001        US: Employers/Disability Based Lawsuits

22th Nov 2001        Woman w/MS Wants Independence

22th Nov 2001        Man wMS/World's Best PC Golfer

20th Nov 2001        Sea Anemone Toxin Effective In Mouse Model Of MS

20th Nov 2001        Repairing Nerve Tissue Damage In MS

20th Nov 2001        Gene Protects Axons In Mice

20th Nov 2001        More On Mouse Gene

20th Nov 2001        Nervous System Signals Affect Immune System

20th Nov 2001        Research On Neurons And Glial Cells

20th Nov 2001        New Therapies Target Women's Diseases Incl. MS

20th Nov 2001        Britain's First Cannabis Cafe

20th Nov 2001        US: Disabled Benefits/Vet wMS

20th Nov 2001        Healthtalk Forum On MS

19th Nov 2001        Women On Corticosteroids Should Take Antiresorptive Agent

19th Nov 2001        Cost Issues In Treatment of Chronic Pain

19th Nov 2001        Medline: Lipoatrophy Associated With Copaxone

19th Nov 2001        Medline: IFN-Tau Downregulating CNS Inflammation

19th Nov 2001        Medline: IFN-beta-1a/Mononuclear Cells

19th Nov 2001        Scotland: Police Warn Against Cannabis Cafe

19th Nov 2001        Californian Pot Clubs Fear Crackdown

19th Nov 2001        National Family Caregivers' Month/Opinion

19th Nov 2001        How Much Personal Assistance Is Someone Entitled To

19th Nov 2001        New Technology And Disabilty

19th Nov 2001        Woman Renovating Home For Two Disabilities

19th Nov 2001        Volunteer w/MS

16th Nov 2001        Double IFN-B Dose

16th Nov 2001        Vasogen/Immune Modulation Therapy

16th Nov 2001        Contraversial Study Links Bacteria To MS And vCJD

16th Nov 2001        Precursors Of Cells That Control Immune Response

16th Nov 2001        UroMetrics/Eros Therapy For Female SD/Trial Results

16th Nov 2001        Gene Therapy For Lupus

16th Nov 2001        Medline: Oncostatin M/Endothelial Cells/Inflammatory Brain Lesions

16th Nov 2001        UK House Of Lords/Assisted Suicide Appeal

16th Nov 2001        UK: Pretty Still Waiting For Assisted Suicide Ruling

16th Nov 2001        UK: New Stem Cell Cloning Legislation Needed

16th Nov 2001        Another David Lander Interview

14th Nov 2001        Bupropion/Neuropathic Pain

14th Nov 2001        Machines For PwMS

14th Nov 2001        Highlights Of New Immunological Research In MS

14th Nov 2001        The Future Of Rehabilitation

14th Nov 2001        Water Program For Disabled

14th Nov 2001        Pharmos/Cannabinoids For Neuro-Inflammatory Disorders

14th Nov 2001        Acupuncture For Pain And Depression In Fibromyalgia

14th Nov 2001        Gene Therapy Protects Neurons From Disease

14th Nov 2001        Stem Cells/Parkinsons

14th Nov 2001        Bioterror Delaying Stem Cell Research

14th Nov 2001        "Save the Stem Cells" Campaign

14th Nov 2001        Medline: HHV/Dymyelinating Diseases

14th Nov 2001        Medline: Cerebrospinal Fluid/Neurological Diseases

14th Nov 2001        Medline: Optic Neuritis/Blindness During Lactation

14th Nov 2001        Medline: Chemokines And CNS Disorders

14th Nov 2001        UK Police Say Sell MJ In Shops And Pubs

14th Nov 2001        Man w/MS

14th Nov 2001        Bird-Loving Nun w/MS

12th Nov 2001        Oregon Sues Over Assisted-Suicide Law

12th Nov 2001        US Federal Judge Shields Oregon Suicide Law

12th Nov 2001        UK Academics Argue For Assisted Suicide

12th Nov 2001        Can Post-Pregnancy MS Relapses Be Prevented?

12th Nov 2001        Adult Bone Marrow Cells

12th Nov 2001        ITB Pump Treatment For MS

12th Nov 2001        Teva Likely To Abandon Oral Copaxone

12th Nov 2001        Medline: Antigen Discovery In Chronic Inflammatory CNS disease

12th Nov 2001        Medline: Cannabinoid Receptors

12th Nov 2001        Medline: T-Cell Responses To OSP In MS

12th Nov 2001        Medline: Evolution Of T-Cell Repertoire In MS

12th Nov 2001        Medline: Bone Marrow Transplantation

12th Nov 2001        Medline: More On IFN-B And Programmed Cell Death

12th Nov 2001        Study On Interferon Alfa-n3 In MS

12th Nov 2001        ZymoGenetics/Novel Therapeutic Approaches AI Disease

12th Nov 2001        Hollis-Eden/Anti-Inflammatory Immune Regulating Hormones

12th Nov 2001        NIH/Stem Cell Registry

12th Nov 2001        Medline: Trigeminal Neuralgia

12th Nov 2001        Medline: CNS Damage In PPMS

12th Nov 2001        Medline: Kinin Receptors In Pain And Inflammation

12th Nov 2001        IFN-B Pioneer Dies

12th Nov 2001        Woman w/MS

12th Nov 2001        Horse Rider w/MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Low-Dose MTX In Progressive MS/Trial Results

11th Nov 2001        Medline: When To Treat Clinically Definite MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: OPTIMS/IFN-B And Dose

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Non-Conventional MR Techniques In MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Questioning The Methodology Of Clinical Trials In MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Prevalence In Sardinians/Latitude Theory

11th Nov 2001        Medline: More On MS In Sardinians

11th Nov 2001        Medline: MS In Sicily/More Against Latitude Theory

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Infectious Theory Of MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: MS Associated Retrovirus In Sardinia

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Stress/Glucocorticoids/Autoimmune Susceptibility

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Vaccinations And MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: MS/Organic Solvents

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Clues To Cause Of MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: World Prevalence Of MS

11th Nov 2001        Medline: Abnormalities In Normal Appearing White Matter Of PwMS

8th Nov 2001          At £250 Million, Is NICE Cost Effective?

8th Nov 2001          Q & A On MS

8th Nov 2001          US Politician w/MS

8th Nov 2001          Inflazyme/Trials Of Anti-inflammatory Compounds

8th Nov 2001          Canada: Cannabis/Parlimentary Debate

8th Nov 2001          Canadian MPs/Decriminalizing Marijuana

8th Nov 2001          Purple Grape Juice Also Good For UTIs

8th Nov 2001          Memory Problems/Loss Of Sense Of Smell May Be Linked

8th Nov 2001          Wellness

8th Nov 2001          Oregon Assisted Suicide Law In Trouble

8th Nov 2001          Medline: Trying To Find Out Who Will Benefit From IFN-beta

8th Nov 2001          Medline: PwMS Have Fewer TCR-Reactive T-cells

8th Nov 2001          Medline: Mononuclear Phagocytes And MS

8th Nov 2001          Medline: Making PwMS Fall Over

8th Nov 2001          Medline: Assisted Suicide And The Internet

8th Nov 2001          Medline: Heat Shock Protein Gene Not Associated With MS

8th Nov 2001          Medline: Amalgams And Disease

7th Nov 2001          Scotland: Politician Overrules IFN-B Decision

7th Nov 2001          Positive Indications From IFN-B Treatment of Optic Neuritis

7th Nov 2001          US Shouldn't Raid Legal Med MJ Sites

7th Nov 2001          US: New Clinic For Disabled Women

7th Nov 2001          Biz Ivol Stops Making Cannabis Chocolates

7th Nov 2001          Woman w/MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Predicting A Benign Course For MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Autonomic Dysfunction Correlates With Disease Activity In MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Pirfenidone Treatment In Progressive MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Aminopyridines For MS Symptoms

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Anti-Spasticity Agents For MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Review Of Interferon In RRMS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Acinetobacter And Pseudomonas In MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Monocytes/MS/Copaxone

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Exercise And MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Genes, Devics And MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Vaccines And MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Studying Chlamydia Pneumoniae In MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: MMPs And MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Analysing Bladder Dysfunction In MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Is Beta Interferon Effect Dose Related?

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Examining TGF Genes Involvement In MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: Using DNA To Discriminate Different Types Of MS

7th Nov 2001          Medline: MS and Varicella Zoster Virus Infection

7th Nov 2001          Medline: IFN-B Therapy And Programmed Cell Death

6th Nov 2001          More On Sjögren Syndrome/PPMS

6th Nov 2001          Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Transplants/Stroke Recovery

6th Nov 2001          US Senate Cloning And Stem Cell Debates

6th Nov 2001          New Stem Cells Lines Needed

6th Nov 2001          Scarcity Of Stem Cells Blocks Biomedical Progress

6th Nov 2001          Scotland: Specialist Neurological Care Home Closure

6th Nov 2001          Cannabis Better Pain-killer For MS

6th Nov 2001          Interview With Kelly Sutton

6th Nov 2001          Marijuana Activists Attack Permit Rules

6th Nov 2001          MSPathways Best Company Sponsored Support Program

6th Nov 2001          Medline: Immunopathology Of SPMS

6th Nov 2001          Full Text: NAA/MRI/Cognitive Dysfunction In MS

4th Nov 2001          Cannabis - A Medical Miracle

4th Nov 2001          Wheelchairs/Airports/Security

4th Nov 2001          UK: More On NICE Decision

4th Nov 2001          Vitamin D May Cut Risk Of Type 1 Diabetes

4th Nov 2001          Article About Annette Funicello

4th Nov 2001          Australian Bike Ride For AMSS

4th Nov 2001          Plant City Walk To Fight MS

3rd Nov 2001          UK: NICE Decides Against MS Drugs

3rd Nov 2001          BBR2778/Clinical Trial

3rd Nov 2001          US: Senate To Debate Cloning Ban Stem Cells

3rd Nov 2001          UK: Judge Defers Judgment On Cloning

3rd Nov 2001          UK: Right-To-Die Case Goes To High Court

3rd Nov 2001          Cellular Mechanisms Restoring Brain Functions

3rd Nov 2001          Medline: Depression And Quality Of Life In MS

3rd Nov 2001          Medline: Serology In Identical Twins Discordant For MS

3rd Nov 2001          Medline: Copaxone And Programmed Cell Death

3rd Nov 2001          Medline: Ondansetron Fails For Cerebellar Tremor In MS

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Trial Of Antibodies To IFN-G And TNF-A In SPMS

2nd Nov 2001          UK: Need For Cheap MS Treatment

2nd Nov 2001          Medscape On Postpartum Cytokine Rebound

2nd Nov 2001          Number Of Available ESC Lines Uncertain

2nd Nov 2001          Does MS Cause Headaches?

2nd Nov 2001          Global Perspective On MS

2nd Nov 2001          MS Champions

2nd Nov 2001          NMSS National Leadership Conference Awards 2001

2nd Nov 2001          Study Of Nerve-Axon Regeneration/Award

2nd Nov 2001          Full Text: Towards A Unifying Concept Of Autoimmune Diseases

2nd Nov 2001          Full Text: Regulatory T-Cells/Immune Pathology

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Bioavailability Of 3 Types Of IFN-B

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Anti-MOG And Anti-MBP Antibodies

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Diffusion Tensor Imaging In RRMS

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Modelling New Enhancing MRI Lesion Counts

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Cost-Effectiveness Of Diagnostic Tests

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: CES-Depression Scale In MS

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Biological Markers To Confirm Diagnosis

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: EPs/Brainstem Lesions

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Cognitive Dysfunction In Early Onset MS

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: New MRI Techniques In MS

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: MRI In Diagnosis And Natural Course Of MS

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: The Course And Natural History Of MS

2nd Nov 2001          Medline: Insights Into Autoimmunity From MHC

1st Nov 2001          Foetal Pig Cells/Myelin Gaps

1st Nov 2001          NMSS On Mobility And Preventive Health Services

1st Nov 2001          Q and A On Beta Interferon

1st Nov 2001          Full Text: Animal Models Of Autoimmune Diseases