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Christmas cards in aid of MS on offer now

Tuesday, November 14, 2000
By Anne Byrne

Corporate Christmas cards can make a significant charitable contribution as well as sending greetings to clients.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland has a range of imaginative cards which include scenes of Trinity College in the snow, an Irish door and Christ Church at Christmas. Costs are kept to a minimum, with images and printing sourced by the society. All profits go to the society.

Orders of less than 100 cost 70p per card. If businesses want an overprint, prices range from £1.10 per card down to 65p, depending on the number ordered. Overprints are available only for orders of more than 100 cards.

A spokeswoman for the society says cards are the most important fundraising activity, after Readathon and Pen Day. The MS society provides respite care, community care, information and support as well as engaging in research. "MS is a lifelong condition. You'll die with it, not of it," adds the spokeswoman.

The cards raise awareness of the society's activities, she says. There are some 6,000 people with MS in Ireland, according to the society.

To place an order for the cards phone (01) 2694599 or order online at

Individuals wishing to buy cards should contact their local branch of the MS Society. Cards are not on sale through retail outlets.