More MS news articles for November 2000

Teenagers Can Now Talk With Other Teens About MS Through Interactive Chat on Sunday, November 26

Dateline:  November 9,  2000

Being a teenager can be tough, even more so when a loved one has multiple sclerosis. Now teens have an outlet to talk with other teens about coping with the effects of MS during an interactive discussion scheduled for Sunday, November 26 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.. The purpose of the chat is to foster teen-to-teen communication and offer a personal perspective on the topic in a safe environment. Registration on the site is required to participate. Please visit for more information.

The interactive discussions tie in with the current supplement to the fall issue of InsideMS. Inside this issue is a special supplement, called Teen InsideMS that is chock full of art, poetry, web sites, and the teen point of view on growing up, and excerpt of which is printed below.

In My World by Heidi Elizabeth Krattiger. Excerpted from the Inside TeenMS: "My mom is 47, and she has had MS for 17 years. I'm 18 and after all this time, I can't get used to people not being able to understand what life is like for me. My friends don't understand the pain I feel seeing my mom in pain and me not able to help. They don't understand why my mom is always napping. They don't understand why one day she is on her feet and happy, and the next she is in her wheelchair, depressed…but in my world, everyone understands. I would love to hear from teens in the same situation"

The teen chats and Inside TeenMS are just two services offered by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to the youngest members of the family to be affected by MS. The Greater Delaware Valley Chapter also offers an annual Kids Camp held in Northern New Jersey every October. During the weekend, kids ranging in age from 8 to 17 meet others their own age and discuss their experiences, as well as participate in normal camp activities like boating and arts and crafts. The 2000 Kids Camp hosted over 40 kids and half as many volunteer counselors. "Programs like the Kids Camp are the end product of the success of our fundraising events like the MS WALK, READaTHON and both bike tours. We couldn't have done it without the all the wonderful volunteers who walked, read and biked to help all of those affected by MS," says Judith G. Cohen, chapter president.

The National MS Society also provides a full range of easy-to-read books and pamphlets explaining MS for every reading level. For information about literature or the Kids Camp, please call 800-548-4611.