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Appeal decision - Beta Interferon

Ref: NICE 2000/043 Issued: 8 November 2000

The facility for consultees to make an appeal is part of the Institute's process for developing its guidance for the NHS. The manufacturers and the nationally based patient and professional organisations that are invited to make a submission to an appraisal are provided with the opportunity to make an appeal.

An Appeal Panel considered the appeals against the Institute's proposed guidance on the use of beta interferons in the treatment of multiple sclerosis on the 22 and 23 September 2000 and they have today made their decision public.

There were 8 appellants and each appealed a number of points during the hearing. Some of these points were rejected and some were upheld.

In addition during the hearing Biogen and Schering asked the Appeal Panel to receive some new data that had not been placed before the Appraisal Committee. They requested that the Appeal Panel submit this new data back to the Appraisal Committee for consideration.

Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive of NICE said " Appeals are a part of the process for developing our guidance for the NHS and they are designed to give our technology appraisal process added objectivity and strength.

As the Appeal Panel upheld certain points from this appeal the Institute is following its usual process and has asked the Appraisal Committee to reconsider the original evidence in light of the panel's decision.

I have also taken this opportunity to ask the Appraisal Committee to consider the new evidence that was submitted during appeal hearing. The committee will do both at their December meeting."

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