More MS news articles for November 2000


Will somebody get Patricia Arquette and soon-to-be ex Nicholas Cage on the TV talk show "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus"? Divorce proceedings are longer than the marriage. Arquette fired back her own petition in response to Cage's divorce filed in February, citing the usual "irreconcilable differences."

Montel Williams and wife Grace are a few steps ahead of the Arquette-Cage clan - they've finally closed on their divorce deal, the New York Daily News reports. But there are some bruises in that arena as well. The talk show host will reportedly pay the mom of his two children as much as $14 million. He's upset because she alleged in a recent published report that Montel was not "in his right mind." She blamed the meds he takes for his highly publicized bout with multiple sclerosis.

"There's absolutely no basis for that statement," said Montel's spokeswoman.

"It's incredibly unfair to millions of people suffering from MS. If anyone has lost their mind, it's not Montel."

That hurts.

Daily News wires services contributed to this report.