Multiple Sclerosis News for November 2000

30th Nov 2000      Marrow Cells Become Brain Cells in Mice

30th Nov 2000      MS therapy center must move

30th Nov 2000      Dutch Approve Euthanasia Law

30th Nov 2000      TNF-alpha Therapy for RA

30th Nov 2000      MS Tennis Classic

30th Nov 2000      More On Avonex Higher Dose of No Benefit

29th Nov 2000      UK: NICE Beta Interferon Petition

28th Nov 2000      High Dose Beta Interferon Gives No Extra Benefit

28th Nov 2000      Acorda Therapeutics Initiates Phase 2 Study of Fampridine (4-AP)

28th Nov 2000      Court Takes Medical Marijuana Issue

28th Nov 2000      PwMS Wins Honour

28th Nov 2000      Do Chlamydia Pneumoniae and HHV6 Cause MS

28th Nov 2000      Marijuana Not a Benign Drug

27th Nov 2000      Zenapax MS

27th Nov 2000      The Brain Matters website

27th Nov 2000      Vaccine targeting T cells

27th Nov 2000      Nerve Stimulation for Neurogenic Incontinence

27th Nov 2000      Luxury wheelchair

27th Nov 2000      Mercy Killing

27th Nov 2000      Premiums increase for high risk health plan

27th Nov 2000      Health Department/Med MJ

27th Nov 2000      Box set of Pryor's work

27th Nov 2000      Article on Atkins Diet

27th Nov 2000      Another Artist w/MS

27th Nov 2000      Churchman attacks stem cell research

27th Nov 2000      Oregon/Med MJ/Severe Pain

23rd Nov 2000     Painter w/MS

23rd Nov 2000     DMV policies that restrict PwMS

23rd Nov 2000     Carbamazepine Intoxication Is Common

23rd Nov 2000     Gabapentin Better Than Amitriptyline For Neuropathic Pain

20th Nov 2000     PwMS may be winter athletes

20th Nov 2000     Med MJ Marinol Research

20th Nov 2000     More on Progression of Irreversible Disability in MS

20th Nov 2000     Minister Supports ESC Research

20th Nov 2000     BMA backs foetal stem cell research

20th Nov 2000     Montel's Breakup

20th Nov 2000     PWMS/Ceramics

20th Nov 2000     One Year Wait in Scotland

20th Nov 2000     More on HHV6 in lesions

17th Nov 2000     Chlamydia not a cause of MS

17th Nov 2000     Inflammation/Myelin/Axons

17th Nov 2000     NICE drops drugs secrecy

17th Nov 2000     Accordant/Humana/Avoidable Health Complications

17th Nov 2000     Xmas Cards for Irish MS Soc

16th Nov 2000     Drug firms demand NICE deliberations stay secret

16th Nov 2000     Scottish Doctors warn of delays

16th Nov 2000     PWMS/Virtual Golf Title

16th Nov 2000     Surrogate markers can detect MS progression

16th Nov 2000     Research/Therapeutic Vaccine

16th Nov 2000     Serono Responds to Biogen

16th Nov 2000     MS Time to Disability Varies

16th Nov 2000     War Against MJ

16th Nov 2000     More On War Against MJ

16th Nov 2000     $54m Boost To Australian Research

16th Nov 2000     Canadian PM To Close Private Clinics

16th Nov 2000     Delivering Med Through Nerves

16th Nov 2000     Relapses and Progression of Disability

13th Nov 2000     HHV6 found in MS lesions for first time

13th Nov 2000     ABC Drugs

13th Nov 2000     Q&A On MS Treatments

13th Nov 2000     NMSS Raffle

13th Nov 2000     Irvine delight with goal

13th Nov 2000     Pathobiotek Becomes HARC Affiliate

11th Nov 2000     Stem Cell Discoveries Stir Debate

10th Nov 2000     Brain Repair/Stem Cells

10th Nov 2000     Letter from MS Soc CEO

10th Nov 2000     NICE's Glaring Errors Revealed

10th Nov 2000     Teens w/MS Interactive Chat

10th Nov 2000     Pharmaceutical Industry Welcomes NICE Rethink

10th Nov 2000     Biogen Responds to Serono

10th Nov 2000     Cycling for MS

10th Nov 2000     Axonal Transport System/Neuropathic Pain

10th Nov 2000     Acupressure for pain

9th Nov 2000       Scottish MS strategy call

9th Nov 2000       Warning/Qualitest/Prednisone/Dexamethasone

9th Nov 2000       Beta interferon ban may be lifted

9th Nov 2000       NICE appeal decision on Beta Interferon

9th Nov 2000       Colorado/Med MJ

9th Nov 2000       Serono/Biogen/False Advertising

9th Nov 2000       Winter Olympic Chief's Wife w/MS

7th Nov 2000       Disabled Voters/US

7th Nov 2000       Disabled Voters/Canada

7th Nov 2000       Cannabis pills go on trial

7th Nov 2000       Call for cloning research

7th Nov 2000       PwMS wins Marathon

7th Nov 2000       Paralyzed Rodents Exhibit Motor Recovery

7th Nov 2000       Disabled/Jobs

7th Nov 2000       Accessibility/Golf Courses

7th Nov 2000       Rally/Med MJ

7th Nov 2000       Stem Cells From Adults

7th Nov 2000       Repairing Spines

4th Nov 2000       Protein Restored Nerve Function

4th Nov 2000       NMSS Internet Broadcast On MS Research

3rd Nov 2000       Australia/Med MJ

2nd Nov 2000      Survey of doctors views on Med MJ

2nd Nov 2000      Stem Cells from Bone Marrow

2nd Nov 2000      MUSC researchers offer hope against MS

2nd Nov 2000      Disabled needs not addressed

2nd Nov 2000      Guidelines needed for research

2nd Nov 2000      Abstract on HHV6/MS

2nd Nov 2000      Abstract on IL6/MS

2nd Nov 2000      Inosine/Growth of Nerve Cells

1st Nov 2000       Sigma MS Health Survey

1st Nov 2000       Med MJ Registry Year Old

1st Nov 2000       Research/CNS Repair