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Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Presents Acupressure Techniques To Relieve Pain

Thursday November 9, 2:23 pm Eastern Time
Press Release
SOURCE: Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation continues its live, interactive audio/visual Internet broadcast on Thursday, November 16, 2000, at 2:00 p.m., Eastern Time. "Acupressure, Relief at your Fingertips" will be the topic of discussion by Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD (China), M.T.O.M., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. & C.H. (NCCAOM).

For over 30 years, Dr. Eichelberger has taught thousands of people the oriental healing arts. He has been an instructor at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing, Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Resocialization Skills, Inc., and Warner Brothers Studios. In his private practice, he has treated many people with multiple sclerosis as well as other chronic illnesses. Dr. Eichelberger developed courses in acupressure to help those who have an aversion to needles and who wanted relief from pain.

Caregivers, people with chronic illnesses and anyone suffering from pain or discomfort can benefit from this educational presentation. This program can be accessed through the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's Web site at: and scroll down to the event. Free real audio can be downloaded before the live program. Questions for Dr. Eichelberger can be e-mailed prior to the broadcast or during the program at: Questions will be answered during the second part of the Internet program. This event will also be archived on the MSF Web site on November 17. For those who do not have Internet access, the MSF Lending Library, (800) 441-7055, will have audiocassette tapes of the program.

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SOURCE: Multiple Sclerosis Foundation