More MS news articles for November 1999

Letting Nothing Stop the Streak

Multiple sclerosis cannot slow Zoe Koplowitz.

This year marked her 12th consecutive New York marathon. Her fastest time was 19 hours and 15 minutes.

Last year, after learning that she suffered from diabetes, it took her 31 hours to complete the course as she and her team of supporters struggled to figure out how to handle new problems, such as the need to test her blood sugar every two miles.

Now, Koplowitz said, they have that down. But there is a new problem.

An unfortunate spill on a New York City sidewalk that she is still in the process of mending from.

Worse, she said: "It wasn't even a wonderful fall. I was walking my damn dog. If I was pushing someone out of the way of a moving car then I could handle it." (SOPHIA HOLLANDER)