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One Million Dollar Gift for Gender Research

May 26, 2004
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Society is honored and excited to receive a contribution of one million dollars from anonymous donors to be applied to research projects focusing on gender differences in MS. This area of inquiry explores the question why more women than men have multiple sclerosis, and what the biological differences between the sexes can tell us about the cause and course of MS.

The donors whose philanthropy is reflected by this extraordinarily generous gift are indeed passionate about finding the cure, and speeding the pace of our discovery efforts. When asked why they give, they responded, "We feel it is our privilege to be able to be part of the process to find a cure for MS. We hope others will join us in our quest to eradicate this disease."

They have been involved with the Society for years, and have developed open and collaborative relationships with staff and volunteers. These individuals have boundless energy, and are always eager to take an active role in Society activities. While this gift supports research, the donors have also been instrumental in initiating and insuring the success of their local chapter fundraising activities.

Gender research was identified by the Society to be a part of the Research Challenge of Champions Campaign. The topics were selected with the goal of encouraging additional exploration in specific areas. This plan has been highly successful, and thanks to the generous gifts from many Society chapters and individual donors, we are now supporting 17 projects in gender research.

The Society will designate additional promising areas for future exploration. Review the listing of our current research projects related to MS.

If you would like to make a contribution of any size to support the work of the Society, please donate online or call 1-800-923-7727.

Although the donors of the gift that we are gratefully announcing choose to remain anonymous, there will be no mystery about the positive impact of their philanthropy on the lives of people with MS. We are so thankful to these donors for their support of our effort to advance the pace of scientific discovery in MS research. Their commitment will certainly speed the day when we solve the puzzle of MS.

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