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A fond Farewell to John

26 May 2004
Gerald Mortimer
Evening Telegraph

There was a good sprinkling of former Derby County and Aston Villa players at John Robson's funeral in Perry Bar last week, most of them older than the friend to whom they were saying goodbye.

The most poignant feature of the congregation was the number in wheel-chairs. John had to retire at 28 because of the onset of multiple sclerosis and, as the priest conducting the service mentioned, was involved with the MS Society near his home in Birmingham.

Like most such organisations, it offers understanding, friendship and mutual support. This was the time to return that support by paying respect to a fellow sufferer.

As a player, John Robson was naturally fit. There was never a spare ounce on him and he had a wiry strength.

When he had to finish with Villa, he could reasonably have looked forward to another five or six years in the game, perhaps more.

Instead, he had to live for 25 years with an illness that, he knew, would not disappear.

There was a sad echo of the death, at an even younger age, of Rob Hindmarch. They were good players, who gave a great deal to Derby County, and good friends.

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