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Montel Williams supports medical marijuana

Wed, May. 05, 2004
Associated Press

Montel Williams threw his support behind legalizing medical marijuana in New York, saying pot helps him cope with multiple sclerosis.

Williams, who was diagnosed with the neurological disease in 1999, said he uses marijuana every night before bed to relieve the pain in his legs and feet.

"I'm breaking the law every day, and I will continue to break the law," Williams, host of the syndicated "Montel Williams Show," said Tuesday.

Williams recalled during a news conference how prescription painkillers and even morphine failed to control his tremors and spasms.

Nine states - Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state - allow medical marijuana use.

Williams, 47, said he can legally obtain marijuana in California, where he owns property, but argued that as a New York state taxpayer, he should have the same right there.

Opponents of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes fear rogue doctors or patients may abuse it.

A proposed law in New York to prescribe marijuana to terminally ill patients to treat pain advanced in the Assembly Health Committee earlier this year, but the measure has yet to reach the floor of the state Legislature for a vote.

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