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Multiple sclerosis and neurocysticercosis: a diagnostic dilemma

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Rev Neurol. 2004 May 1-15;38(9):832-6
Rodriguez Uranga JJ, Ucles Sanchez AJ, Lopez Munoz MM, Serrano Cabrera A.
Hospitales Universitarios Virgen del Rocio, Sevilla, Espana.


Both Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Neurocysticercosis (NC) are two entities in which clinical manifestations, neuroimaging findings and immunoserologic assays are neither pathognomonic nor specific requiring for their diagnosis an accurate examination of the clinical history of patients and an adequate follow up.


Two patients who consulted non neurologists about focal neurological symptoms.

Neuroimaging findings revealed multiple lesions, some of them contrast enhanced.

A diagnosis of neurocysticercosis was established, supported in one of the patients by positive serologic assays for cysticerci and antihelmintic therapy began to be administered.

Observing the clinical evolution of the patients, monitoring their clinical history and considering the diagnostic criteria proposed by McDonald for MS and by Del Brutto for NC the patients were finally diagnosed of MS.


The first step to reach a diagnosis of MS is to consider such a possibility.

The diagnosis is mainly based on clinical grounds and it is necessary to prove that symptoms disseminate or that alterations occur in neuroimaging findings both in time and space.

It is of the utmost importance to establish a differential diagnosis with other conditions presenting with similar clinical manifestations, neuroimaging findings and cerebrospinal fluid tests results.

Even with the latest criteria proposed for the diagnosis of MS and NC we may have doubts making it fundamental to cautiously interpret the clinical manifestations and tests results.