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Research and Markets: 2004 Managed Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy -OT/PT- and Rehab Care Manual

A detailed review of criteria policies and guidelines organized by body region for Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy + inpatient rehabilitation services

May 7, 2004
Source: Research and Markets
Business Wire 2004

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of 2004 Managed Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy (OT/PT) and Rehab Care Manual to their offering.

The number of visits commonly required to treat specific conditions are listed as well as review criteria guidelines for rehabilitation care admission, continued stay and discharge for common disorders. Example protocols and other tools to improve care are located throughout the manual. Resources include the Oregon pediatric rehabilitation guidelines and example home exercise handouts to give to patients.

Report Contents:

Post-acute Care Therapy; Maintenance Therapy Criteria; Claims review for therapy services; Physical Medicine Guidelines for Duplicative Services; Occupational Therapy Services; Neuropsychological Testing; Neurocognitive Therapy; Chronic Pain Assessment and Treatment; Pain Rehabilitation Program review criteria; Pharmacologic challenges for sympathetically maintained pain; Gait analysis; Electrodynogram; Phonophoresis; Treatment Plan Modalities - including transfer training, strength, ROM, Pain management review policies; Evaluation (injury, exacerbation, re-injury, pain, strength definitions); Pain Rehabilitation Programs, Outpatient - Medicare LMRP; Chronic Pain Assessment/Pain Centers; Outcome measures for chronic pain management; Pharmacologic Challenges for Sympathetically Maintained Pain - Medicare LMRP; Standing orders for therapy; Outcome management; Functional Independence Measures (FIM); Quality Improvement Guidelines/Outcome studies; Gait Analysis, Computerized; Dynamic, Electromyographic; Gait analyses, Electrodynogram including Medicare P&P; Electrodynogram - Medicare LMRP; Phonophoresis; Treadmill - evaluation and teaching use of - Medicare LMRP; Rehabilitation Treatment Plan Modalities including Transfer Training, Strength, Range of Motion, Pain Management, Other; Acupuncture; Biofeedback; ''Prehab"; Standing orders for therapy services.
Speech Services; Aphasia; Vestibular Rehabilitation; Melodic Intonation Therapy for Persistent Aphasia; Speech-Language Initial Visits for Specific Abnormalities; Discontinuation of Speech-Language Benefits; Dysphagia: Oral-Motor Therapy; HCFA Edits for Speech-Language Pathology; Speech-Language Pathology Terms, Acronyms; References and Resources for Speech-Language Therapy
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