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Why the books were moved there is a mystery

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Carol Gunther
Ledger Dispatch

I am a frequent visitor to the Jackson Library and enjoy the mystery novels most of all. Much to my dismay, when I went on Wednesday to check out some works by Margaret Maron, instead of the familiar shelves of novels, I found a wall of law books. I felt as though I was in the Twilight Zone.

Once I gathered my wits, I asked the nice librarian (all of our librarians are gems) where to find the mystery books, She told me that they had been moved to a table in the back and to boxes on the floor.

Stepping around boxes on the floor finding novels I wanted was difficult, especially since I have Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological condition that affects my balance and coordination. Many of our elderly citizens might have the same trouble navigating.

I find it ironic that the law books were moved to the already overcrowded Jackson Library to provide handicapped access. The books supplanted by them are now not accessible to those in wheelchairs and difficult to access for those with balance and coordination difficulties.

As a practical and understanding person, I do understand that the law library must go somewhere that is handicapped accessible. However, the current situation at the library reminds me of the biblical parable of stealing from Peter to pay Paul. At the very least, I would add my voice to other concerned citizens that new shelves be added to our library to make the mystery novels accessible.

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