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Anti-discrimination Bill should go further, says all party committee

May 27, 2004
Multiple Sclerosis Society

An all-party Committee of MPís and Peers has said the Disability Discrimination Bill could go further to provide better opportunities for the UKís estimated 10 million disabled adults. Its report recommends ways for the Government to improve the draft Bill.

The Chairman of the Committee, Lord Carter, said, "The chances to legislate on disability issues are few and far between. The Government should seize this opportunity to deliver for disabled people.

"The full Bill should be introduced into Parliament as soon as possible. Our recommendations need not cause additional delay and will help to forge a coherent and practical path towards full rights for disabled people."

The Committee welcomed the extension of the definition of disability to include multiple sclerosis, HIV and cancer from the point of diagnosis. It recommended all progressive conditions currently covered under the existing act when they begin to have an effect should be included from diagnosis.

Among others recommendations are:

The report is available on line at:

It is also available in standard, easy read, audio tape, Braille or large print formats.

The standard format report is published by The Stationery Office: Draft Disability Discrimination Bill, Joint Committee on the Draft Disability Discrimination Bill, HC 352-I, HL Paper 82-I, ISBN 0 10 400453 3, price £20.00.

There is a separate evidence volume available.

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