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Computers Stolen From Multiple Sclerosis Society

May 12, 2004
Ken Malloy
CBS 11

Confidential information, financial records, and other personal data, may now be in the hands of thieves and that has officials concerned.

“They believe this is where the burglars entered the building.”

Volunteers say it’s bad enough that thieves targeted a non-profit charity like the Multiple Sclerosis Society, but now there are concerns about what was on those computer hard drives.

“Unfortunately I stored everything on my desktop so it's gone.”

Gone too is vital information that helps this charity help others.

Tom Bridges
Ms Volunteer
“Addresses of clients with MS, record keeping of financial records and personal stuff too.”

John Riggins
Better Business Bureau
“They should be concerned. I'd start getting organized.”

Officials at the Better Business Bureau - say stolen personal information on a hard drive can leave any of us vulnerable to fraud.

“Its very common and I don't have an absolute cure for it.”

“People can have their identity stolen through the trash or by loosing a wallet.”

But in one sense at least the M.S. society was prepared.

Cindy Cantu
Volunteer Coordinator
“I don't want anyone to be alarmed. We have all the information backed up.”

But even with back-up systems, the society is still out six computers just as its gearing up for a major fundraising event this weekend.

“Horrific timing. It's never a good thing but to have this happen so close to the Walk is just devastating.”

The M.S. Society is hosting a walk-a-thon fundraiser on Saturday in Sundance Square. In the meantime, if you’re concerned about your personal information getting into the wrong hands, the Better Business Bureau has some helpful tips on their website.

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