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Botox snub by NHS

May 1, 2004
The Evening Times

SCOTS stroke victims will be denied Botox on the NHS, it emerged today.
The drug, best known for helping celebrities conceal wrinkles, also helps people regain control over their muscles after a stroke.
But the body in charge of Scottish prescriptions, the Scottish Medicines Consortium, today said it will not recommend the drug, which is called Clostridium Botulinum toxin A in full, claiming it did not offer value for money.
The decision, initially only applied to stroke victims, could also apply to victims of other illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, doctors said.
Botox is available on the NHS south of the border.
Mike Barnes, professor of neurological rehabilitation at Hunters Moor Regional Hospital, Newcastle, said: "This decision is disgraceful and a lot of people will suffer. I cannot help but wonder how they came to this decision except for financially driven politics."

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