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'Come fly with me' call to people with MS

16 May 2003

People with multiple sclerosis are being given the chance to spread their wings in a series of flying days made possible by a £5000 grant from the MS Society Millennium Awards Scheme.

The first set of flying days will be held at Rufforth, near York, on Saturday 14 June 2003. Others will follow at Goodwood near Chichester on 22 June, Sywell near Northampton on 16 and 17 August and Old Sarum near Salisbury on 20 September.

The days are being organised by organised by Alun White, a trustee of the Society who himself has MS.

Said Alun, "For the last three years I've been taking people with MS flying at Old Sarum. Thanks to the grant, I can now help many more take to the air for a lesson with an experienced instructor. Better still, there is no charge for this experience of a lifetime."

Fifteen people with MS will be able to take part in the Rufforth day. They can fly a motor glider, be towed to 2000 feet in a sailplane, fly a microlight (fixed or flex wing) or go tandem hang-gliding.

On the other days people will be flying Cessna or Piper light aircraft.

Anyone with MS who would like to take part or come along to offer support should contact Alun White on 01452 762060.

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