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May 2003

We’ve invested $380 million to find the cause and cure for MS since our founding 56 years ago—an investment into basic and clinical research that is responsible for the rapid progress we’re seeing now.
— Dr. Stephen Reingold
MS Learn Online

The latest research findings and funding for multiple sclerosis will be the focus of the May 15 MS Learn Online, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Internet educational program.

During the program, Dr. Stephen Reingold, vice president of research programs at the National MS Society, will discuss the decision-making process behind the Society's research grants and support. He will also report on recent findings in the areas of treatment, epidemiology, genetics, immunopathology, infections and myelin damage and repair, among others. After the presentation, Dr. Reingold will answer questions that participants can submit via e-mail before or during the live program. A written transcript will be available a few weeks after the live broadcast.

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