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NASA's Solution for Urine Control Could Help Fighter Pilots Avoid Urinal Bags; New Product Helps Men Stay Dry Despite Circumstance or Incontinence

New Product Helps Men Stay Dry Despite Circumstance or Incontinence

April 10, 2003
Largo, Fla.
SOURCE BioDerm Inc.

Flying faster than the speed of sound in a $23 million F-16, our fighter pilots have to saturate in a diaper (for women) or take aim at a urinal-type bag (for men).  NASA astronauts have come up with a better way.

Using a product produced by Tampa Bay-based BioDerm Inc., the astronauts can stay clean and dry and can go about their tasks.  The External Continence Device (ECD) for men fits only to the tip of the penis with a special hydrocolloid material.  Hydrocolloid is a skin-friendly material that bonds like a second skin and is typically used in treating wounds.  The ECD seals gently yet very securely and adheres for approximately 24 hours.  Urine immediately flows into a tube and then a leg bag.  Skin stays dry. See

"Our customers are NASA astronauts and men with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, recent surgery or other medical conditions who want to stay active," said Dr. Dennis Kay, CEO of BioDerm. "They are traveling salesmen, judges, engineers, executives and hunters.  The product gives them freedom.  And we can help fighter pilots, too."

More than four million adult men have incontinence, according to the American Foundation for Urologic Disease.

"Mobility was key for me," said Donald Surgens who is a prostate cancer survivor and avid hunter.  "I definitely wasn't comfortable with pads or with condom catheters that would occasionally roll off while I was jogging or walking.  Now I expect to outlast the other guys on the deer stand."

Kay says waste management can be a messy business but that his company has it handled, at least for men's urine control.  A product for women is under development.

BioDerm, Inc., founded in 1990 and based in Largo, FL, develops and manufactures medical products for urine control and wound management.  For information, visit the Website or call (800) 373-7006.

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