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Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in diagnosis of brain diseases

Vestn Rentgenol Radiol 1999 Sep-Oct;(5):4-6
Central Research Institute of Roentgenology and Radiology, Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg.

The role and position of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy have been studied in diagnosis of brain diseases.

114 patients with various diseases of the brain have been examined (multiple sclerosis--41, insults of different etiology--17, encephalopathy--12, AIDS infection--23, epilepsy--12, reduction of the intellectual ability of various etiology--9).

MR tomography and 1HMR Spectroscopy have been done with Magnetom "Vision", 1.5 T (Siemens) in the CRIRR, St. Petersburg.

To get a proton magnetic-resonance specter, SVS_STEAM, SVS_STEAM-20 and SVS_SE-135 sequences have been used with the following parameters: TR 5000 ms, TE 10, 20 and 135 ms respectively, number of acquisitions--100.

Typical changes of metabolities in every group have been revealed.

The performed examinations have shown that proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy enables to widen our know-ledge about the nature of pathologic changes, that grow with different diseases of the brain.