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Dexanabinol: Dexanabinone, HU 211, PA 50211, PRS 211007, Sinnabidol

Drugs R D 2003;4(3):185-187

Dexanabinol [HU 211, dexanabinone, sinnabidol, PA 50211, PRS 211007] is a synthetic, non-psychotropic tetrahydro-cannabinoid.This profile has been selected from R&D Insight trade mark, a pharmaceutical intelligence database produced by Adis International Ltd.

Dexanabinol lacks cannabimimetic activity, and is a functional antagonist of the NMDA receptor with antioxidant and anti-tumour necrosis factor-alpha properties.

Dexanabinol is in clinical trials for traumatic brain injury (head injuries), glaucoma and mild cognitive impairment, and is being investigated preclinically for its potential in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Pharmos has a licensing agreement with the Hebrew University, Israel, and is seeking a partner for development and commercialisation of the dexanabinol family of compounds.

The Financial Times ( reported in March 2001 that the market for brain trauma could be worth approximately $US500 million, according to estimates by Pharmos.

The company was said to have $US26 million in capital at the time, most of which would be used taking dexanabinol through regulatory submission, according to the Financial Times.