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Multiple sclerosis in Stockholm County. A pilot study exploring the feasibility of assessment of impairment, disability and handicap by home visits

Clin Rehabil 2003 May;17(3):294-303
Einarsson U, Gottberg K, Fredrikson S, Bergendal G, von Koch L, Holmqvist LW.
Division of Physiotherapy and Unit of Neuroepidemiology and Health Services Research, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.


A pilot study performed within Stockholm County to evaluate the feasibility of collecting data using a comprehensive evaluation package administered in the home environment to assess impairment, disability and handicap in order to explore the consequences of multiple sclerosis (MS).


Home visits to 26 purposefully selected MS patients with different levels of disability, in both ordinary and sheltered living.

The comprehensive evaluation package included: biographical data, Mini-Mental State Examination, Free Recall and Recognition of 12 Random Words Test, Symbol Digit Modalities Test, Beck Depression Index, Lindmark Motor Capacity Assessment, time to walk 10 metres, Nine-hole Peg Test, Barthel ADL Index, Katz Extended ADL Index, Frenchay Activities Index, Sickness Impact Profile and frequency of falls and injurious falls.


This pilot study demonstrates that the proposed methods can be used to evaluate MS patients differing in levels of disability and forms of living.

The data collection method, based on home visits, was well accepted by the patients, their spouses and salaried personal assistants and could be performed within 2-2 1/2 hours.


The evaluation package used in this pilot study is suitable for use in population-based studies and it should provide comprehensive information on the impact and consequences of MS on patients, and should contribute to the identification of areas in which the provision of rehabilitation and health care services needs to be improved.