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Association of HLA-B12 with multiple sclerosis in India

Tissue Antigens 1980 Jan;15(1):90-3
Wadia NH, Trikannad VS, Krishnaswamy PR.
Laboratory of Immunology in the Dept. of Pathology, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Bombay, India.

In Indian patients with Multiple Sclerosis it was observed, upon testing for serum determinable histocompatibility antigens, that HLA-B12 antigen was present in excess (77.7%), in comparison with normal controls (13.8%).

In fact, in the sub-group of 'clinically definite' patients, the B12 antigen excess was remarkable (84%).

These preliminary findings seem to point to a different immunogenetic profile of Indian MS patients in comparison with Western and Japanese series.

Relevant published information relating to the HLA-B12 alleles in disease processes is discussed in order to provide a basis for further work.