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Christopher Reeve backs paralysis bill in Congress

May 11, 2003

Paralysed film star Christopher Reeve came to Congress on Wednesday to push for a new bill that he said would be the first to provide a comprehensive approach to treating and eventually curing paralysis.

The US$300 million package includes funds for research into paralysis and rehabilitation. It addresses access to treatment and quality of life issues for the 2 million Americans who have been paralysed from spinal cord injuries, strokes and diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Reeve, best known for playing ``Superman'' in the movies, suffered a life-threatening spinal injury in a horse-riding accident event in May 1995. He now divides his time between directing film projects and working for a foundation that bears his name.

This is the first time he has focused on specific legislation dealing with paralysis.

``This bill could do so much,'' he said. ``It can help with research and also quality of life - jobs, access, recreation.

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