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Pretzel Maker with Multiple Sclerosis

Tuesday, May 7, 2002
By Neal Rubin / The Detroit News

LYNN KUGHN of Milford is one of those people who refuses to have a bad day.

Among the things she has done since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 15 years ago is co-found the Ultimate Pretzel Co., purveyor of pretzels dipped, rolled or otherwise kissed with things like chocolate and walnuts.

Depending on the day, her sense of balance rates anywhere from adequate to banana peel. With that in mind, her friend and business partner Janet Lombardi-Perwerton says she tried to commiserate with Kughn not long ago about the inconvenience of needing someone to lean on.

Heavens, Kughn told her, it's no bother at all: "The way I look at it, I always get to hold somebody's hand."