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New Pre-Filled Syringe For Copaxone® Users Makes Injection Process Easier

Better quality of life for patients with MS

May 16, 2002

A pre-filled syringe (PFS) for Copaxone® (glatiramer acetate), indicated for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS), has received a Notice of Compliance from Health Canada and is now available at retail pharmacies across the country. "With Copaxone® PFS there is no mixing, no preparation and fewer supplies are needed, ensuring increased accuracy, better compliance, and less chance for error or contamination. Copaxone® PFS is a consistent, convenient, and complete way for patients with MS to manage their therapy," explains Dr. Jean Godin, Medical Director, Teva Neuroscience, maker of Copaxone®. "Copaxone* PFS provides the same efficacy as the old format, in a more convenient and easier-to-use injection format. It makes it easier for patients with MS to focus more on their lives and less on their therapy." For neurologists, nurses and pharmacists, compliance and adherence to treatment are among the most important factors in any therapy. Patients frequently cited the fact that the PFS saves time and is easier to administer than the previous mixable formulation. "I'm very excited about the pre-filled syringe because it will make it easier for me to maintain my therapy without feeling like MS is controlling me. This will definitely improve my overall quality of life," comments Dave Chisamore, who has had MS since 1999 and been taking Copaxone® since June 2000.

Copaxone* PFS contains exactly the same drug and the same dose of Copaxone* as the lyophilized version, which patients were required to mix themselves. A new autoject 2TM device must be used with the pre-filled syringe. It is important to note that the current autoject* device cannot be used with the new pre-filled syringe. The combination of the new pre-filled syringe and autoject 2TM simplifies the injection process for patients. The autoject 2TM will be provided free of charge to all Copaxone* patients by Shared Solutions*, which can be reached at 1-800-283-0034.

Copaxone® has demonstrated efficacy in several published clinical studies. Dr. Trevor Gray, neurologist at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, notes, "With Copaxone®, statistically significant benefits on relapse rate reduction have been shown within nine months, with demonstrated divergence between drug effect and placebo on various MRI parameters as early as 2 months." Dr. Gray continued, "We also know that reduction in relapse rate may be beneficial at the earliest stages of the disease. With demonstrated safety and tolerability profiles, Copaxone® is an excellent choice for early treatment."

"Teva Neuroscience is committed to improving the quality of life of people with MS, and the introduction of the Copaxone® PFS is another important benefit for the people who use our product," comments John Hassler, General Manager, Teva Neuroscience. "We are very pleased to be bringing this innovation to Canadians with MS." Almost 50,000 Canadians live with MS, a chronic, progressive, sometimes devastating disease for which there is, as yet, no cure. Copaxone®, a selective immunomodulator with a unique mechanism of action, is indicated for the treatment of relapsing-remitting MS and was launched in 1997. Copaxone® is marketed in Canada by Teva Neuroscience G.P.-S.E.N.C., based in Montreal, Quebec, a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. Copaxone® is a registered trademark of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., headquartered in Israel, is among the top 35 pharmaceutical companies in the world. More than 80 per cent of Teva's sales are in North America and Europe. The Company develops, manufactures and markets generic and branded pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Teva's innovative R&D focuses on developing novel drugs for diseases of the central nervous system.

SOURCE: Teva Neuroscience

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