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Salu Launches New MS Resource Center: Comprehensive Online Service For Physicians

May 28, 2002

Salu(R), Inc. today announced the launch of its new Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center (MSRC).  The MSRC provides Salu member-neurologists and their staff with easy access to a comprehensive collection of more than 600 peer-reviewed references and tools, including more than 150 patient handouts to help manage multiple sclerosis (MS).  The MSRC will reside on NeuroHub(TM), the Salu Medical Specialty Hub(TM) for neurologists.

The MSRC is organized into topics relevant to the management of multiple sclerosis, including the appropriate use of disease-modifying therapy and the management of MS symptoms, such as fatigue and spasticity.  The MSRC is the first of many Disease Resource Centers Salu will be developing in the coming months.

"Salu's Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center provides me with immediate access to information and services that allow me to help my patients better understand their condition, their medications and ways to manage their illness," said Mark Cascione, MD, Medical Director, South Tampa Multiple Sclerosis Center, and a Salu Medical Advisor to NeuroHub.

"The creation of our MS Resource Center is one way we are meeting the needs of our physician members to organize information and materials by disease," said Jim Steeb, President and CEO of Salu.  "We continue to find ways to enhance patient care, and we think the MS Resource Center and the others we've created are highly valuable tools that go beyond content to help educate physicians and their patients about specific diseases."

The MSRC and Salu's other disease resource centers, including the Anaphylaxis Resource Center, contain clinically relevant information selected by Salu and its medical advisors through an independent review process, and include:

Plans are underway to expand this service to include additional patient care and practice management tools, including providing selected clinical references and tools to download to a handheld device.  Salu's recent study this year revealed that 52 percent of its neurologist members use a handheld device, and an additional 28 percent plan to start using one by year-end.

These centers provide Salu's pharmaceutical partners an objective, disease-specific channel to deliver their own clinically relevant information and resources to physicians and patients.  Partners are able to cost-effectively distribute:  clinical references (e.g., product monographs, journal reprints, clinical guidelines, select textbook chapters and meeting summaries); patient education materials (e.g., patient handouts and medication compliance programs); and CME.  E-detailing opportunities to review drug information are also available.

Today, more than 60 percent of the nation's office-based neurologists and nearly 22,000 of their patients are enrolled in NeuroHub.  Moreover, an increasing number of the nation's allergists, cardiologists and dermatologists use Salu services to help manage their practice and access other professional resources.

About Salu

Salu(R), Inc. is based on the premise that physician-specialists have distinctly different needs.  Salu's unique Medical Specialty Hub(TM) (including NeuroHub(TM) and Dermdex(R)) offers customized tools and services to help specialists improve patient care and enhance the practice's effectiveness and profitability.  Salu provides strategic partners with access to an organized and efficient marketplace of specialists and their practices and offers pharmaceutical partners an integrated suite of services to increase reach, frequency and share of voice among physician-specialists and their patients.

First, Salu works with pharmaceutical partners to identify and enroll (if they are not already enrolled) targeted physicians as Salu members and provide Salu's services.  Second, Salu provides various integrated tools and services to complement existing sales and marketing initiatives.  These tools and services include disease resource centers, partner sales and marketing resource centers and e-detailing.  Salu complements these integrated services with both online and off-line marketing to help physicians' use of the services.  Finally, Salu measures program results to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and to ensure partners' satisfaction with the programs.

Salu has partnerships with several leading pharmaceutical companies and is in discussions with other pharmaceutical companies focusing on products in various specialty categories including allergy, dermatology, neurology, gastroenterology and reproductive medicine.

Potential partners and interested physician-specialists can learn more about Salu by visiting or calling 888-288-SALU (7258).

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