More MS news articles for May 2002

Association of a gliotoxic activity with active multiple sclerosis in US patients

Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand) 2002 Mar;48(2):199-203
Pierig R, Belliveau J, Amouri R, Menard A, Rieger F.
INSERM U 488, Equipe Neuromodulations et Neuropathologies, Hjpital du Kremlin-Bicetre, Le Kremlin-Bicetre, France.

We recently found that cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from multiple sclerosis (MS) patients contains a gliotoxic activity which induces programmed cell death of astrocytes and oligodendrocytes and could be the main contributing factor to the massive glial cell death seen in MS active lesions.

A previous clinical study aimed at evaluating the gliotoxicity of CSF from a cohort of MS patients from France indicated that MS patients with the active form of the disease do indeed present significant CSF gliotoxicity.

To extend this observation, the effect of 141 CSFs from United States patients with different neurological diseases (including 71 MS) was tested on immortalized astrocytes.

A cell death assay showed that a gliotoxic activity is significantly present in the CSF from MS patients with the active forms.

Thus, this gliotoxic activity may represent a critical pathogenic factor in the neuropathology of active MS by playing a role both in demyelinisation and alteration of the blood-brain barrier.