More MS news articles for May 2002

A one-year study on the pharmacodynamic profile of interferon-beta1a in MS

Neurology 2002 May 14;58(9):1409-11
Bagnato F, Pozzilli C, Scagnolari C, Bellomi F, Pasqualetti P, Gasperini C, Millefiorini E, Galgani S, Spadaro M, Antonelli G.
Department of Neurological Sciences, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy.

Interferon (IFN)-beta1a induction of neopterin and beta2-microglobulin (beta2-MG) were evaluated over 1 year in patients with MS.

Neopterin and beta2-MG levels peaked 24 to 48 hours after weekly injections of IFNbeta1a over the entire study period.

Predose levels of neopterin decreased significantly, consistent with a long-term decrease in IFNgamma expression and macrophage activation during IFNbeta-1a treatment.

Predose levels of beta2-MG increased, the significance of which is as yet unclear.