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'You can if you will'

Thursday 23 May, 2002

Crowe says the roots for her philanthropy also may lay with her third-grade teacher, who organized a read-a-thon to benefit multiple sclerosis. "It was the best of both worlds for me," she recalls, "helping people and reading."

Crowe hopes Ashleigh's Student Army can help "break the chain of poverty" in the Dominican Republic. "The environment down there is a lot safer," she says. "There are locks on the doors, and more people are getting educated."

The average temperature in Sosua hovers around 100 degrees; it falls in winter only to about 85, Crowe says.

"Tourism is a big thing down there, so people open shops, and we've taught little boys to shine shoes in restaurants to make some money, " she says.

Crowe occasionally ponders her accomplishments, but not for long. "We've accomplished all of this in less than five years, and it's kind of amazing," she says, "but we want to try and branch out in other areas."

Crowe plans to become a doctor. "I want to go into medicine because they need a doctor down there," she says.

This summer, Crowe plans to recruit more volunteers on Nantucket. Also, she says, a Web page informing people about Ashleigh's Student Army will be up and running.

Crowe's life theme is simple: "I would say to the people of the world, 'You can if you will.' ''
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