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Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, Second Edition

by Nancy J. Holland, EdD, RN, T. Jock Murray, MD, and Stephen C. Reingold, PhD

InsideMS, Winter 2002, Vol. 20, Issue 1

Newly revised, this second edition includes an updated list of resources, as well as revised diagnostic criteria for MS, new information about early treatment, encouraging areas of research, and recent innovations in symptom management. A “must-have” title for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with MS—and a good idea for family members and friends. (Your chapter’s library will have a copy, too.)

 Demos Medical Publishing, Inc., 2001, 142 pp., $21.95. Toll-free: 800-532-8663 (M–F, 9am–5pm EDT); fax: 212-683-0118; Web site:

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