More MS news articles for May 2002

CeNeS reviewing partnering opportunities for multiple sclerosis drug rhGGF2

May 14, 2002

LONDON (AFX) - CeNeS Pharmaceuticals PLC said it is currently reviewing partnering opportunities to exploit the full therapeutic potential of its pre-clinical Glial Growth Factor 2 (GGF2) candidate which is designed to treat multiple sclerosis and has been cited as a possible treatment for schizophrenia.

CeNeS said its candidate rhGGF2 is a recombinant version of GGF2 which is produced by the neuregulin-1 gene and added that it alone now owns the rights and all intellectual property related to the compound which had been developed by Cambridge Neuroscience and Bayer AG.

CeNeS said recent research carried out at the University of Kiel has suggested that there is a neuregulin deficiency in schizophrenia, which could be treated with products of the neuregulin-1 gene such as GGF2.

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