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Spinal Network: The Total Wheelchair Resource Book

586 pages
Publisher: Nine Lives Press (2002)
Price: $49.95
Shipping charges:
US:  $7.50 for 1st copy. $2 for each additional copy.
Canada:  $10 for 1st copy. $2 for each additional copy.
Foreign:  $20 for 1st copy. $2 for each additional copy.
Edited by: Barry Corbet, et al
Price Qty: $49.95

Spinal Network is the essential resource for making important life choices after spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, amputation, ALS and other conditions. Through the eyes of survivors who have paved the way, this information-packed book explores options in health, technology, attendant services, employment, travel, sports, relationships, sexuality and parenting. It explains--in clear language--the intricacies of legal rights, government benefits and cure research. It covers the arts and media that affect how society views people with disabilities--and how we view ourselves. Sometimes humorous, always honest, Spinal Network is the one book you need to not only survive disability, but maybe even enjoy the ride.