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Main points of Tory manifesto

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SocietyGuardian staff
Thursday May 10, 2001

The main points of the Conservative manifesto relating to:

Health and social care

Increase NHS funding - by matching Labour spending plans and encouraging more use of private health insurance by removing tax penaties.
Give patients and GPs the right to choose the hospital in which treatment will take place.
Introduce limits on NHS waiting times - the patient's guarantee will give patients a maximum waiting time, starting with cardiac and cancer services.
Allow alternative and complementary therapies on the NHS, provided they are of proven clinical effectiveness.
Allow GPs the freedom to opt out of primary care trusts.
Introduce an exceptional medicines fund to ensure patients receive expensive new drugs - such as Beta Interferon for multiple sclerosis.
Protect the savings and homes of people needing long term care.
Protect the savings of disabled people and create a new agency to fund physiotherapy or physical aids needed to help jobless disabled people back to work.