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GE Cows Get 10 More Days

By Staff Reporter Patric Lane at 3:40pm, 18th May 2001

The High Court has granted a stay of execution to the herd of cows at the centre of a controversial genetic engineering experiment.

The 60 cows and their unborn calves, being bred by AgResearch, were to have been slaughtered at noon today.

The project has seen the cows implanted with embryos containing a human gene for research to find a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Earlier this month, the Court ruled that the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) had failed to follow correct procedure in approving the field trial and ordered the Authority to review its processes.

The High Court in Wellington today ruled the cows be allowed to live for a further 10 days, while AgResearch's application to carry out the research is reconsidered.

Justice McGechan said there would be no further extensions.

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