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Real Audio Health Chat

On Thursday evening, 8:30p.m, EDT turn on your speakers and listen on the website as congresswoman Jennifer Dunn discusses HR2892 which she has introduced to congress.  If passed, it will extend Medicare coverage to new FDA approved self-injectable therapies for several dread diseases including MS and rheumatoid arthritis.  Questions will be welcome and answered as time allows.  If you miss the webcast, check a couple of days later for the replay of it.

Read all the educational pages and participate by writing to your two senators and as many congresspersons as possible urging passage of this healthcare.  The founders of the Medicare program could not anticipate the explosion of knowledge gained in the past decade, thus, "self-injectable" was not included in the Medicare terminology.

New, safer therapies are cost effective in the long run.  Thousands die annually from adverse side effects of previously known rheumatoid arthritis drugs that treat symptoms only.  Though still monitored for long range safety, new RA therapy is producing much milder and fewer side effects.  If given early enough, scientific data indicate that they halt the progression of the disease.  Thank you for participating in our effort.  Allene, RA victim l3 years.