More MS news articles for May 2000

Evidence for infection with Chlamydia pneumoniae in a subgroup of patients with multiple sclerosis.

Layh-Schmitt G, Bendl C, Hildt U, Dong-Si T, Juttler E, Schnitzler P, Grond-Ginsbach C, Grau AJ.

Ann Neurol 2000

Department of Microbiology, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

In a pilot study, we identified Chlamydia pneumoniae in the cerebrospinal  fluid by polymerase chain reaction in 5 of 10 patients with definite multiple sclerosis (MS). In a second series, 2 of 20 patients with definite MS and 3 of 17 patients with possible/probable MS or MS variants, but none of 56 patients with other neurological, diseases were polymerase chain reaction-positive. We confirm that C. pneumoniae can be found in the cerebrospinal fluid of MS patients, but our rate of positive results is lower than in a recent report.


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